Gas Hydrates, Flow Assurance and PVT Specialists

Who we are

Hydrafact is an experienced provider of independent consulting and technical services to the upstream oil and gas industry. We are recognised as leaders in gas hydrates, flow assurance and PVT and our team brings together more than 30 years of experience in these fields with over 500 projects successfully delivered worldwide.

What we do

Hydrafact offers specialist consultancy and technical services for a wide range of flow assurance & production/processing problems. Using our in-house testing facilities and technology, we are always working hard to solve the key problems that are constantly brought to us by clients within the oil and gas industry.

What we can do for you

Whether you currently have flow assurance issues or you simply wish to ensure you don't, our door is always open at Hydrafact for new and old clients alike. With a combination of our cutting-edge testing facilities, our unrivalled technical services and our second to none technology, we can keep things flowing when you need them most.

What are Gas Hydrates

Gas hydrates are ice-like crystalline molecular complexes formed from mixtures of water and gas molecules. The water molecules, upon hydrogen bonding, form lattice structures with several interstitial cavities. The guest molecules can occupy the lattice cavities, and when a minimum number of cavities are filled, the crystalline structure will become stable and solid gas hydrates will form.

Why are Gas Hydrates a problem

Gas hydrates are a problem in offshore and onshore hydrocarbon drilling and production operations due to the fact that they can cause major, and potentially hazardous flow assurance problems. Over the years there have been numerous cases of gas hydrates causing pipeline blockages which have lead to undesired downtime and exceptional economic losses for operating companies around the globe.

Can Gas Hydrates be prevented

Gas hydrates can and have been prevented. Hydrafact have proven time and time again that with a combination of the correct tools, knowledge and facilities, gas hydrates can be a worry of the past. Spanning over 300 projects in: North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe - preventing gas hydrates isn't just something that is in in our brochures, it is something that we at Hydrafact do every day.