The world-leading authority in PVT and FLow Assurance

We are recognised experts in gas hydrates, flow assurance evaluation and experimental testing services.

Our Expertise

At the forefront of technology development for hydrate inhibition monitoring

We have an established track record of excellence in providing gas hydrate and flow assurance consultancy and technical services to the oil and gas industry. Our team combines a wealth of knowledge and expertise comprising well over 30 years of experience, published over 300 papers in our areas of expertise and have delivered over 600 projects successfully worldwide.

Hydrafact’s flow assurance capabilities are underpinned by our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, our hydrate inhibition monitoring technology HydraCHEK and our advanced thermodynamic and PVT prediction software HydraFLASH, which is used in over 25 countries all over the world.

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Our Team

Operations Manager

Dr. Mohsen Hoopanah is a professionally driven Flow Assurance Engineer with more than ten years’ experience gained in short & long-term Research and Development, and Consultancy Project’s, handling, and management.


Mohsen has acquired extensive technical experience in design/source and implementation of new/adaptive equipment and technologies, fulfilling, both client and domestic requirements.


Mohsen holds a Bsc degree in Petroleum (production) engineering (Petroleum University of Technology, Abadan-Ahwaz, Iran, 2007), An Msc degree in Petroleum (Reservoir) engineering from (Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran, 2009) and a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK, 2017).


Mohsen joined Hydrafact Ltd as a part-time employee during the years 2013-2017. Afterwards, as a full-time Flow Assurance Engineer, and has managed and conducted more than 30 various experimental process and consultancy projects using numerous apparatuses and analytical equipment and techniques to resolve different chemical engineering and process issues on and offshore in the Oil and Gas Industry.


Mohsen was promoted to Hydrafact Ltd Operations Manager in July 2022.

Our History

From initial research all the way through to a private laboratory within the Heriot-Watt University Research Park

Research begins

The history of Hydrafact dates back to 1986 when research into gas hydrates first began at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University.

Initially, hydrate studies were undertaken by the well-known Reservoir Fluids Group. However, as hydrate research grew steadily, the Hydrate Group soon emerged as a recognised research group.

HydraFLASH developed

During the 1990s, the Hydrate Group successfully undertook a variety of Joint Industry (JIP) and Government sponsored research projects related to hydrate problems in offshore oil and gas operations. Over the course of this period, the team firmly established itself within the industry and academic community as a leader in flow assurance research, with a reputation for quality experimental work and advanced theoretical studies.

Sequential JIPs supported the generation of a vast in-house library of hydrate equilibrium data, and development of the commercial hydrate predictive software, HydraFLASH which is currently used by a number of major hydrocarbon production and service companies in planning their flow assurance strategies.

Early 2000's
RDG Grant awarded

In June 2000, the Hydrate Group was awarded a prestigious Scottish Funding Council Research Development Grant (RDG) with the aim of creating a 'Centre of Excellence' in gas hydrate research and training. This led to the formation of the Centre for Gas Hydrate Research, which was formally established in February 2001.

Funding allowed the employment of new staff, expansion of laboratories and construction of new equipment, greatly increasing the breadth and scope of gas hydrate and flow assurance research at Heriot-Watt.

Early 2000's
Early 2000's
New laboratory constructed

In 2006, the Hydrate Group secured a major SRIF (Science Research Investment Fund) award to establish the Centre for Flow Assurance Research (C-FAR) at Heriot-Watt. This grant funded the construction of a new laboratory with a 1" diameter, (2.5 cm) 40 m length, 200 bar flow loop system for hydrate and other flow assurance studies.

As well as this, for over 20 years the Hydrate team at Heriot-Watt have been undertaking specific individual consultancy/technical flow assurance studies for hydrocarbon production and service companies. In light of this, demand has been growing steadily for specialised hydrate studies, training for engineers, and advanced equipment for laboratory studies.

To meet the demand for such services, senior team members of the Centre for Gas Hydrate Research, with support from Heriot-Watt University, founded Hydrafact - Hydrate and Flow Assurance Consulting and Technologies - a Heriot-Watt Spin-out Company.

Early 2000's
Hydrafact officially launched
Hydrafact was officially launched on the 20th April 2006. It now undertakes all commercial activities of the Centre for Gas Hydrate Research and Reservoir Fluids Research Group, with the aim of providing high-quality and competitive technical services to the industry and to commercialise IP developed at the CGHR.
Hydrafact establishes office and laboratory
In December 2009 Hydrafact moved to its own laboratory (including an H2S lab) and office building in the Heriot Watt University Research Park. In addition to its own lab facilities, Hydrafact retains access to the Centre for Gas Hydrate Research's staff and equipment resources, including the C-FAR flow loop.