Hydrafact is pleased to highlight the exciting research we have been recently developing

1. Hydrafact is happy to announce a new internal R&D project on the condensation of a liquid from the gas phase with Hydrafact’s high-pressure Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) device

The Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) was developed by hydrafact for high temperature and high pressure systems. A great advantage of using Quartz is its ability to detect liquid condensation and solid deposition. Hydrafact will be expanding the device’s capabilities.

We have previously demonstrated its ability to detect Asphaltene Deposition (UAOP/LAOP), Wax WAT/WDT, Scale and effect inhibitors. The current project will work to apply a liquid formation from a gas phase. If this work interests you, let us know at info@hydrafact.com


2. Hydrafact is excited to announce that Champion X has recently joined a Joint Industry Project (JIP) with Hydrafact, Baker Hughes and Heriot-Watt University

This project evaluates inhibitors and asphaltene onset using Hydrafact’s unique HPHT QCM Device.

Hydrafact has been involved with this JIP for over two years and takes great pride in prioritising research collaboration.

If your company is interested in joining this JIP, please contact us at info@hydrafact.com


3. Expansion of Hydrafact’s activities to Corrosion

Hydrafact is pleased to announce the expansion of its activities into Electrochemistry and Corrosion by equipping our laboratories with new equipment and collaborating with international experts. Our areas of activities will cover training, research, and consulting activities as well as technical services to assist all industries at the international level. The key areas are:


(1) Corrosion Protection, Monitoring, and Inspection

(2) Root Cause Failure Analysis

(3) Corrosion and Integrity Management

(4) Fitness for Service (FFS) and Remaining Life Estimation

(5) Laboratory Simulation of Corrosion

(6) Applied Electrochemistry (Electrocatalyst, Fuel Cells, Batteries, Electrochemical Sensors, Capture and Storage Devices)

(7) Fabrication of Monitoring and Sensing Devices

(8) Software Development


If you are interested in collaboration or have any questions, contact us at info@hydrafact.com