We offer a wide range of products for various industry needs, from our signature HydraFLASH and HydraCHEK to numerous industry equipment

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With a focus on research and development and state of the art facilities, Hydrafact continues to develop novel technology in response to industry problems

We currently offer two signature novel products: HydraFLASH PVT & Flow Assurance prediction software, and HydraCHEK, a fast and user-friendly measure of concentration of hydrate inhibitor and salt in pipeline samples

We are constantly researching and developing new technology, with more signature novel products on the way

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HydraCHEK Equipment Demo & Sample Test

In this demonstration, Operations Manager Dr. Mohsen Hoopanah shows us the latest version of HydraCHEK’s equipment, and runs a sample test to demonstrate the process in conjunction with our HydraFLASH software

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HydraFLASH PVT & Flow Assurance Prediction Software:…

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Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor (KHI) Removal

Hydrafact has developed and patented a technique for KHI Removal from produced waters based on solvent extraction using treatment chemicals

This simple method maximises KHI removal and reuse for economic and enviromental benefits and resolves many potential produced water processing

Watch the video for a demonstration of the process and more information about the benefits of this innovative tehchnique

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Our signature products

Specialised Software and Equipment for Tailored Solutions

Professor Tohidi Speaks

Professor Bahman Tohidi Explains the Capabilies of Hydrafact's Exciting Innovations


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Professor Tohidi Speaks

Professor Bahman Tohidi Explains the Capabilies of Hydrafact’s Exciting Innovations: HydraFLASH and HydraCHEK