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What is HydraCHEK?

HydraCHEK is a fast and user-friendly analytical solution that measures the concentration of hydrate inhibitor and salt in produced water samples taken from a pipeline.

This data is fed into the HydraFLASH model engine, yielding the actual phase boundary relative to operation conditions at a given point in time, allowing continuous inhibitor dosage optimisation.

The technology was key to Heriot-Watt Institute of GeoEnergy Engineering winning the Queen’s Anniversary Prize (2015), and has been deployed in many fields globally, yielding £100s of millions in additional revenue for clients through inhibitor cost savings and/or field life extension, while minimising environmental impacts.

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HydraCHEK Equipment Demo & Sample Test

In this demonstration, Operations Manager Dr. Mohsen Hoopanah shows us the latest version of HydraCHEK’s equipment, and runs a sample test to demonstrate the process in conjunction with our HydraFLASH software

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Why use HydraCHEK?

HydraCHEK has been extensively tested in the field and has been proven to develop robust calibrations for detecting different hydrate inhibitors and salt.

Ultimately, HydraCHEK is an economically ideal solution to the excessive hydrate inhibition issue and that is why it is in everyday use by major operators around the globe.

Watch Professor Bahman Tohidi Explain HydraCHEK's Capabilities:

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The Method

How can HydraCHEK measure both salt and hydrate inhibitor concentrations simultaneously?

HydraCHEK measures two independent physical parameters; the speed of sound and the electrical conductivity to determine two unknown parameters; hydrate inhibitor and salt concentration. The measured speed of sound and electrical conductivity of a sample are input into an artificial neural network correlation that allows both the salt and inhibitor concentration to be determined.

Technology Applications

Delivering an array of benefits through monitoring and detection


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HydraCHEK: An Easy Process

Ever wondered if it would truly be worth getting HydraCHEK for your operations?

This video explains just how quick and easy it is to measure the concentration of hydrate inhibitor and salt in produced water samples taken from a pipeline… all from your own lab, or even your desk!


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The HydraCHEK system offers a wide range of benefits to our clients

Benefit from hydrate safety margin monitoring

The actual hydrate phase boundary can be determined for a system during operation when using thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors. HydraCHEK is used to measure the hydrate inhibitor and salt concentration in the produced water, which along with the hydrocarbon fluid composition can be input into a thermodynamic model to give the hydrate phase boundary (see our hydrate prediction software HydraFLASH). The operating conditions can then be used to determine the hydrate safety margin indicating how well protected a system is from the risk of hydrate formation.

Lower inhibitor Capital Expenditure and Operating Expenditure costs

Hydrate remediation strategies often involve excessive dosing of hydrate inhibitor, which results in unnecessarily high CAPEX and OPEX costs. HydraCHEK can be used to optimise inhibitor injection rates by providing both a quick and easy way of measuring the degree of inhibition of a system and a means to monitor the effect of lowering the dosage over time.

Proven Technology

HydraCHEK measures the acoustic velocity and electrical conductivity of a produced water sample and an artificial neural network (ANN) is used to develop robust calibrations for detecting different hydrate inhibitors and salt. The technology has been extensively tested in the field and is in everyday use by major operators around the world.

Ready-to-use calibrations

HydraCHEK has been calibrated with a number of different hydrate inhibitors including thermodynamic inhibitors (MEG, Methanol, Ethanol), Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitors (KHI's) and Anti-Agglomerants (AA's).

Quick and User-friendly

A typical analysis takes less than 30 seconds and no sample preparation is usually required. HydraCHEK also doesn't need any chemicals or consumables to run a test, making it very straightforward to use.

Relevant measurement range

All the results are in the mass% range for both hydrate inhibitors and salt, with an effective measurement range of between 0-100 mass% for hydrate inhibitors depending upon the calibration.

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