We offer a wide range of products for various industry needs, from our signature HydraFLASH and HydraCHEK to numerous industry equipment

Our Products

With a focus on research and development and state of the art facilities, Hydrafact continues to develop novel technology in response to industry problems

We currently offer two signature novel products: HydraFLASH PVT & Flow Assurance prediction software, and HydraCHEK, a fast and user-friendly measure of concentration of hydrate inhibitor and salt in pipeline samples

We are constantly researching and developing new technology, with more signature novel products on the way

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Our signature products

Specialised Software and Equipment for Tailored Solutions

Professor Tohidi Speaks

Professor Bahman Tohidi Explains the Capabilies of Hydrafact’s Exciting Innovations: HydraFLASH and HydraCHEK