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Hydrafact Innovations: HydraFLASH

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HydraGREEN: Dr. Tohidi's Story

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Managing Director and Heriot-Watt Professsor Bahman Tohidi at the Oilfield Chemicals Series Europe 2022

Hydrafact’s managing director and university professor Bahman Tohidi spoke at the Oilfield Chemicals Series in Europe in 2022.

Dr. Tohidi spoke on the newest advances in hydrate management with a focus on the hydrate safety margin and early detection of hydrate formation

HydraCHEK Equipment Demo & Sample Test

In this demonstration, Operations Manager Dr. Mohsen Hoopanah shows us the latest version of HydraCHEK’s equipment, and runs a sample test to demonstrate the process in conjunction with our HydraFLASH software

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HydraFLASH PVT & Flow Assurance Prediction Software:…

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English Class Recording

وبینار مبارزه با سرطان

Dr. Bahman Tohidi Utrecht University Talk

On February 20th 2023, Dr. Bahman Tohidi gave a talk at Utrecht University in the Netherlands about his journey with Cancer and shared his experience with fighting it.

Dr. Tohidi Speaks (Persian)

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Where Dr. Tohidi provides you with specific diet tips, motivational advice, and his full story with Cancer