New Collaboration with Sultan Qaboos University

In a significant step towards strengthening international cooperation, Dr. Alireza Kazemi from Sultan Qaboos University in Oman visited Hydrafact’s facilities. During his visit, Dr. Kazemi was introduced to the cutting-edge technologies and capabilities that Hydrafact offers.

The visit marked the beginning of a new collaboration between Sultan Qaboos University and Hydrafact, aimed at exploring joint research opportunities and innovative projects. Dr. Kazemi expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the potential for impactful advancements in oil and gas through this cooperation.

Hydrafact’s team showcased their latest projects and research, emphasizing their commitment to advancing new technologies in the oil and gas field. This collaboration promises to bring mutual benefits and contribute significantly to the global effort in combating energy challenges.

Dr. Kazemi’s visit underscores the importance of international partnerships in addressing the world’s energy challenges, and both parties are eager to commence their collaborative efforts.